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    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound extracted from hemp (Cannabis Sativa) which contains an abundance of nutrients and goodness. It is a naturally occurring compound along with over 100 other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

    Unlike THC, CBD has NO psychoactive properties, meaning you can’t get/feel “high” when taking CBD. This is the reason CBD is legal and THC is not.

    The best way to experience CBD is through building up your dosages until you find your sweet spot. This will result in you receiving the maximum benefits whilst wasting no CBD. We recommend that you start off with one droplet of CBD under the tongue in the morning and one at night, and to repeat this for 3 days. Then increase to two droplets, and then three droplets. Do this until you reach the amount that is right for you. The FSA maximum recommended daily dose is 70mg. The packaging will inform you of the specifics per drop.

    You might find huge benefit off 2 droplets but then not see any more of a difference when increasing to 3 droplets. This would indicate you should stick to 2 droplets in order to not waste any CBD.

    You must remember to keep the droplets under your tongue for at least 2 minutes, this allows the CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream. You cannot take too much CBD – once your body has absorbed as much CBD as it can, it will not absorb anymore and will be excreted out of the body.

    Unlike THC, which has all the psychoactive properties that come from the cannabis plant. CBD has no psychoactive properties or effects. This is the reason CBD is legal and THC is not.

    Yes, any CBD oil that is produced using hemp plants is 100% legal to buy and consume in the UK. Under UK law, it is legal to sell CBD oil products from the UK. However, they must contain no more than 0.2% THC. Any product that contains more than 0.2% THC is deemed illegal and is considered to be a cannabis product and a class B drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Hide & Seek CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

    CBD is not a ‘quick fix’ to a problem. Whilst many people experience relief within an hour of taking CBD, the best results come from incorporating CBD into your daily routine.

    Once your body has absorbed as much CBD as it can, it will not absorb anymore and will be excreted out of the body.

    CBD exhibits no potential of dependency – as stated in a report from the World Health Organisation. Click here to read the report in its entirety

    We would recommend you discuss this first with your GP before purchasing if you are on medication. CBD has a similar reaction to medications as grapefruit does. If you have been warned to not have grapefruit with your medication then we would recommend you consult your GP before purchase.

    CBD won’t do any harm to your liver or any other part of your body for that matter.

    Whilst we operate according to the UK law and have no more than 0.2% THC per bottle, we cannot legally guarantee that you will pass a drug test. In fact, due to the complex extraction methods and the high standards we put upon ourselves we achieve no more than 0.05% THC per bottle.

    All our cannabis is EU approved and GM/pesticide/ herbicide/fungicide free. We ensure our crop is grown using organic farming practices. We are compliant with all laws and keep ourselves up to date with changes to regulation. I was in the same boat as you, trying to find a reputable brand that I could trust. If you would like anymore information please contact me on – harry@hideandseekcbd.com

    Our hemp comes from EU approved farms in Portugal and Lithuania.

    All our batches come with individual lab results here

    This depends on the country you’re travelling to. If CBD is legal in the country you are travelling to then yes you can travel, if it is illegal then you should not travel with it. The majority of countries have legalised CBD but it is best to check online before travelling.

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