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    When to expect results from CBD?

    When to expect results from CBD?

    During the research phases of my business I stumbled across some people that had tried CBD who said the following phrases.

    “I tried CBD once and I didn’t find a benefit”

    “People swear by CBD but I didn’t see any difference after trying it for 2 days”

    “How long should it take to find benefit?”

    Being in the CBD industry I hear these types of phrases all the time. In this blog I’m going to help bring some clarification to this.

    Anyone who has started a supplement routine will know that changes internally depend on several lifestyle factors. Many people are either overly optimistic right away, as where others expect to see no change. Whilst everyone is different, here are a few factors that can effect your experience with CBD.

    • Being consistent: Taking CBD isn’t a quick fix, whilst many people will see benefits instantly, this is not the case for everyone. Keeping your CBD dosages regular will increase the benefit you see ten-fold. CBD exhibits zero dependency effects – meaning in simple terms, it’s not an addictive substance. Just like any other supplement – consistency is key for CBD to support your body.
    • Taking the right dosage of Hide & Seek CBD: We made it our effort to create the formulation that we believe maximises new customers benefit, as well as regular CBD users. We decided on a 750mg Hemp extract oil . We also decided to go for a 10ml bottle size, we feel this is not only more convenient for travel, but also it is a more effective dosage. Rather than having to have 6 drops of a 30ml CBD bottle, you require 2 drops to meet the same amount of CBD in total (assuming both equal amounts of CBD in total). We believe meeting the correct dosage for your body is a trail and error. There isn’t a formula that tells you exactly how much CBD you need. This is down to how many interchangeable variables of lifestyle each individual has. We recommend starting off slow and gradually building until you don’t see any further benefit. For example, starting with 1 drop of our Apollo Product twice a day, repeat for 3 days. Then increase to two droplets twice a day, for 3 days. Repeat this until you don’t find any added benefit for additional drops. Or until you meet the maximum recommended daily dosage as stated by the FSA of 70mg.
    • Listen to your body: Taking supplements is about investing in yourself. Keeping yourself healthy and unlocking your potential. Paying attention to your body today will improve your body tomorrow.

    It is fundamental that you have to be patient, consistent, and know that dietary supplements like Hide & Seek are crafted to work with your body naturally. The results come by way of steady improvement, making your health more sustainable every step of the way. Help us unlock your potential.

    This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes and contains the opinions of the author based on personal research. This blog is not a substitute for taking specific advice from a healthcare professional for any condition or disease. Any course of treatment for medical, lifestyle or wellbeing purposes should only be done under the direct guidance of a registered physician or regulated healthcare professional where legal.
    This blog is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease or to be used in place of physician's advice in any manner. 
    In the UK, hemp CBD products are currently legal to buy without a prescription as a wellness product. The FSA has recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women and those taking other medication should not take CBD without advice from their doctors.