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    Speaking out

    Speaking out

    Don't hide your feelings...

    Here at Hide & Seek we’re great fans of that old adage – “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

    This coming Thursday, it’s University Mental Health Day closely followed by World Sleep day and International Day of Happiness with Stress Awareness month in April – proof, if any were needed, that mental health is rightly getting the prominence it deserves.

    Worryingly, anxiety and depression do seem to be on the rise. Recent figures from the ONS indicate that nearly one in five adults were likely to be experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic (2020 figures - almost doubling from 2019 data). Of those interviewed, 84.9% said that feeling stressed or anxious was the most common way their wellbeing was affected.

    Harry, our founder, is committed to speaking out about mental health and it was only by forcing himself to chat with family and friends about his issues, combined with taking CBD oil, that he found a solution to his anxiety.

    We want to do all we can to help you and your mental health so this Spring so we’re encouraging you to share your experiences with our #donthideyourfeelings campaign.

    • How’ve you been feeling?
    • What’s helped you through the pandemic?
    • What are your wellbeing tips?

    Join the conversation with us on our social channels and let’s help ourselves and each other.

    A little on Harry’s story …

    “I spent a huge amount of my first term in my university room, on my own, staring at my four walls and my anxiety just started to engulf me. Looking back now, it was compounded because I bottled it all up and didn’t tell anyone how I was feeling,” Harry recalls.

    “Some days the anxiety kept me in bed all day. From the moment I woke up I was racked with it – spiraling thoughts, fear. I couldn’t read, couldn’t think (except about irrational problems), couldn’t plan – it was so dehabiliitating.”

    It was only when Harry opened up to his family and a few trusted friends that he started feeling himself again. This recovery came by taking CBD oil regularly (as recommended by his dad) which helped his mood and improved his sleep, whilst having a supportive family and sharing his feelings with trusted mates.

    “The relief, when I finally took the decision to talk about my anxiety, was immense,” concludes Harry, “although it is one of the most difficult things you can do.

    Hide & Seek’s method of improving anxiety

    Here at Hide & Seek, we’ve definitely noticed that Generation Z (18-24-year-olds) are generally really happy to chat openly about their feelings but this is less prevalent in older age groups although someone might mention to us they’re finding it hard to sleep or switch off.

    With six months out of the last twelve in lockdown, this hasn’t been an easy time at all for many as highlighted by the recent ONS statistics. If you’re an introvert, Zoom calls can be hard – even excruciating, whilst if you’re anxious getting out and about, even with a friend for exercise, is possibly not top of your list if you’re worried about catching Covid.

    Our advice at Hide & Seek if you are feeling anxious is to push yourself to connect. Share a meme with a friend, do some socially-distanced exercise, bake!, connect with a mate via a virtual game, invest in little things to keep the conversation going.

    Only this weekend Matt Rudd of The Sunday Times, who is championing a movement to get middle aged men talking, said ‘friendships survive best with something else to do besides talking.’ He suggests doing activities together – surfing, biking, campaign, walking to a different pub – obviously this is post-lockdown but have fun in the planning now!

    And, of course, why not try CBD and see if it works for you? It worked for Harry and we’ve had some great feedback from men and women of all ages. There’s been a trend in particular with men in their 40s and 50s who’ve been struggling with sleep and stress. After taking Hide & Seek CBD oil they are sleeping better and feel more in control which is brilliant to hear. People like James, 27, who said “Within a month of taking CBD, I saw a huge improvement in my quality of sleep and felt generally less stressed, particularly after a busy work day.” and Paul who has been having ‘such deep, interrupted sleep since taking CBD.”


    Share your thoughts on your mental health journey with us @hideandseekcbd #donthideyourfeelings.

    Let’s beat insomnia and anxiety together!



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