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    Does CBD Oil Show Up in a Drug Test?

    Does CBD Oil Show Up in a Drug Test?

    Given the fear and uncertainty surrounding the CBD oil industry, you’d be right to ask that question. Drug tests are important, they test the capability of people to do certain tasks  These tests keep us safe from unscrupulous people and ensure longevity with occupations that need the worker to be completely aware and of course awesome. 

    We can answer the questions you may have regarding the subject. But the short answer is no, CBD does not show up on a drug test. This answer all boils down to the quality of the product and vendor and of the course whether the CBD oil contains the well-hyped psychoactive compound - THC. In this post, we'll take you through the facts on this rather hot subject. First, let's delve into drug tests and why they are important for us all.

    What is a Drug Test?

    Drug tests in the UK adhere to HSE expectations and the most common are saliva tests. These workplace drug tests usually aim for the following drugs.

    • Cannabis
    • Cocaine
    • Amphetamine
    • Opiates
    • Methamphetamine


    As you can see CBD is not on the list. We digress. These tests are most common in industries like construction, haulage, and airline companies amongst others which we can all agree is a good thing. If you are working in these industries, you would do well to enquire as to the rules if any they have on CBD oil consumption as it is a lawful duty in the UK for an employer to provide a safe working environment. They may consider CBD to act against their particular rules.

    Moreover, other tests that are popular are hair tests, this is to find rampant use in employees. Hair tests do not seek a result for CBD as do urine and blood the least used type of drug test.

    Is it Possible to Fail a Drug Test on CBD Oil?

    Yes, it possible to fail a drug test but only in super rare cases where the CBD product is not from a valid and certified manufacturer. For those that consume Hide and Seek CBD oil products can take tests knowing that the oils are fully legal and batch tested, so you'll know the quality is good every time without exception and you will not fail any drug test.

    This is because we source our product with the strictest intent and only use the highest grade hemp we can find from farmers we trust and work with on a long term basis. Other CBD product vendors can be lax when it comes to the product’s quality and composition leading to trace amounts of THC presented in results.

    Some CBD oil products contain trace amounts of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) marijuana’s main active ingredient. This is what will show up on drug test results as positive. This is not good.

    What do you mean Certain CBD products might contain THC?

    Well, in terms of legality, CBD oil products must contain less than 0.3% THC. So the term ‘certain CBD products’ means the oils for sale that have not passed stringent government testing and is a measure of how it is harvested. The way it is harvested and refined might mean the base product may have been contaminated with THC or added to for more punch.  You can avoid uncertainty with our product because we offer full traceability from each batch of CBD to the exact plant it was grown on in each farm.

    Every batch of CBD we produce is meticulously tested to ensure we meet the 0.3% THC industry standards, to give our customers ultimate peace of mind. ​Your batch number is located on the rear side of the packaging.

    ✓ No chemicals used

    ✓ Full legal compliance

    ✓ Traceability

     These three rules that we adhere to are the reasons we are CTA screening compliant and legally awesome.

    You Mentioned Haulage Firms Test for Drugs

    Yes. You can read our post on driving after CBD. If you are driving heavy goods or passenger vehicles it is prudent to ask your employer as they would want to know such things for their and your legal protection. If you drive for a living you are duty-bound to ensure you are capable to do your duties without endangering others. Although workplace drug testing is paramount in such industries CBD products rarely worry any employer regardless of the industry they operate in.


    Hide and Seek CBD oils are always high quality, batch tested, and for sale across the UK. At Hide and Seek CBD we care deeply about your CBD experience and our company is made up of expertise and passion toward the goal of supplying you the customer with a great mind and body health experience, relieved of pain and discomfort of any sort including polymyalgia rheumatica. Visit our store today, and discover our premium CBD products, where quality is never compromised.

    This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes and contains the opinions of the author based on personal research. This blog is not a substitute for taking specific advice from a healthcare professional for any condition or disease. Any course of treatment for medical, lifestyle or wellbeing purposes should only be done under the direct guidance of a registered physician or regulated healthcare professional where legal.
    This blog is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease or to be used in place of physician's advice in any manner. 
    In the UK, hemp CBD products are currently legal to buy without a prescription as a wellness product. The FSA has recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women and those taking other medication should not take CBD without advice from their doctors.