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    CBD Back to Basics

    CBD Back to Basics

    Back to Basics CBD

    So, it’s Lockdown 3 and whereas normally we’d be sitting here planning our year, writing in social events, maybe being smug about keeping our New Year’s resolutions or berating ourselves that once again we gave in on day 5 (or should that be day 1?!), we’re now mainly desperately thinking of ways to keep sane whilst being confined to our homes.

    If the blank pages of your calendar or blank walls of your home are filling you with an underlying dread, I hear you. And, with Blue Monday fast approaching (18 January) – the most depressing day of the year – there’s not much light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

    To combat all this, I’ve been doing my best to plan my weeks out, separating time into chunks and dividing time into work, exercising, meditating, TV (I’ve been loving Below Deck) and chatting to my friends over HouseParty.

    I am religiously taking my CBD oil everyday though! That’s one New Year’s resolution I’m definitely sticking too lockdown or no lockdown!

    I thought as it was January and a new year, it would be helpful to go back to the beginning and go over what CBD is and who’s using it so you can decide whether to make it one thing you incorporate into your routine this 2021.

    What is CBD?

    So, to start, CBD, or to give it its full name Cannabidiol, is completely natural. Think of it as a gift from nature!

    CBD derives from the leaves of the hemp plant which grows naturally across the world particularly. The CBD we use in our Hide & Seek oil comes from European Union approved farms and is grown following organic farming methods.

    The hemp crop is harvested and the oil extracted leaving out the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component responsible for delivering an illegal ‘high’.

    CBD contains over 100 varieties of Cannabinoids which are thought to help plants flourish much like the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans. Our ECS system regulates our bodies’ internal structures such as our sleep, pain and immune response and will release special enzymes to repair, nourish and balance the body if required.

    Research is continuing but it is thought the cannabinoids contained in CBD may work synergistically with our unique ECS systems and lifestyles so will respond differently in different people, responding to their lifestyles and individual wellbeing requirements.

    Hide & Seek CBD oil is a broad-spectrum oil with each 10ml bottle containing 7.5% CBD and is pure non-addictive, containing no nasties. We’ve also got some exciting new CBD based products coming soon – so watch this space to be amongst the first to hear!

    Why is CBD growing in popularity?

    Recreational CBD is increasing in popularity and the market is now worth £300 million in the UK with an estimated 7.3 million people using CBD products ever year! (Prohibition Partners report Dec 2019).

    (Just as an aside, there have been many stories in the press for medical grade Cannabis which some people are prescribed for severe epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia or arthritis. It is thought that 1% of the population could be medical cannabis patients by 2028. (Prohibition Partners).)

    What do people use CBD for?

    I know that CBD helped me considerably in taking the edge off severe anxiety which I had at University and, from conversations I’ve had with people from all walks of life, it helps for all manner of conditions particularly insomnia, pain, inflammation, menopause symptoms - although research into how exactly CBD may benefit these conditions is still very much in their infancy.

    Everyone is different yet at Hide & Seek we firmly believe CBD can be a natural long-term addition to your lifestyle.

    How do you take CBD?

    We recommend taking twice a day, dropping up to half a pipette under your tongue. Just keep it underneath your tongue for at least a minute and then swallow.

    How do you guarantee your products?

    We are absolutely committed to transparency. All our products are meticulously tested to ensure we meet industry standards with each bottle of CBD oil fully traceable through our batch-testing facility to give you instant peace of mind.

    I’ve still got questions …

    We’d love to chat. We have a wealth of knowledge about CBD and would love to share it with you helping you to make an informed choice about trying CBD oil to see how it works with your body. We’re happy to answer any question no matter how simple or complex – you can get in touch by WhatsApping me on 07908467167 or by emailing harry@hideandseekcbd.com I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!
    Happy 2021 from everyone at Hide & Seek!
    Best wishes


    This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes and contains the opinions of the author based on personal research. This blog is not a substitute for taking specific advice from a healthcare professional for any condition or disease. Any course of treatment for medical, lifestyle or wellbeing purposes should only be done under the direct guidance of a registered physician or regulated healthcare professional where legal.

    This blog is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease or to be used in place of physician's advice in any manner. 

    In the UK, hemp CBD products are currently legal to buy without a prescription as a wellness product. The FSA has recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women and those taking other medication should not take CBD without advice from their doctors.