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    Can I drink with CBD?

    Can I drink with CBD?

    There are many opinions on this question. Some are based on guessing and some on research. CBD oil and CBD products have taken the wellbeing community by storm. Moreover, the alcohol industry has joined in and offerings of booze-infused CBD drinks now add to the night out factor and have blended in well with the more traditional selection on venue shelves. So what is the deal, are there dangers? Is it cool to mix the two? Let’s find out below if you can drink with CBD. We’d better start with what CBD is exactly. 

    What is CBD Oil Anyway?

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a completely legal substance born from the cannabis plant. CBD is gaining popularity because many people take it within a wellness or health routine, supporting their health in cellular and molecular terms. It's all very exciting. CBD oil products offer relief from everyday stresses; CBD oil from hemp such as ours are free from THC. 

    So, Does CBD and Alcohol Mix Well? 

    It does mix but what is most salient here is what happens biologically when CBD and alcohol are mixed. There is literally not much in the way of studies to define a fully rounded answer. The CBD industry is a new and emerging industry fresh form years of sidelining to the major wellbeing producers. There have, however, been enough studies and consumption by now to form an appropriate position on the matter. For now, most information resides deep in the MIGHT and SOME SAY realm. We’ll explain. 

    Mixing Might Amplify the Effects 

    Both CBD and alcohol are known to stem anxiety and calm nerves. This has been said to add to effects like drowsiness and sedation feelings. Tests were arranged and the results found that motor skills and time perception were adversely affected, this differs from taking CBD on its own. These results are just part of an ongoing study done by countless countries. More information will be forthcoming over the next few years.

    In the meantime, it is recommended that you limit the consumption of both when mixing to ascertain your own individual levels. It is known for us humans to have one too many drinks. We recommend caution when consuming a lot of alcohol and taking CBD. 

    CBD Might Help Battle Side Effects

    There has been solid research in this field. It portends to CBD helping the body with the negative effects of alcohol. Here are a few facts on mixing CBD with booze. 

    Might Prevent Cell Damage and Disease

    It is well known that consuming alcohol causes damage to cells. Risk of inflammation and organ issues like liver disease and types of cancer. Studies were done on rats. The results found those rats applied with CBD gel had much-improved brain cell regeneration and those rats injected with CBD were able to regenerate tissues and cells more so than those rats not given CBD. 


    CBD Might be Good for Alcohol Addiction

    Studies on rats have found CBD lowered the desire to consume alcohol and relapses were lessened in the behaviour of the animals. Nothing in the way of human testing has been undertaken. 

    CBD is also known to help with general addictions like smoking too. Wellbeing just keeps coming with CBD. 

    So, when all is said and done so far, CBD can be mixed but with a mindful approach and more studies are needed across the biological spectrum to really zone in on the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. 


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    This blog is intended for informational and educational purposes and contains the opinions of the author based on personal research. This blog is not a substitute for taking specific advice from a healthcare professional for any condition or disease. Any course of treatment for medical, lifestyle or wellbeing purposes should only be done under the direct guidance of a registered physician or regulated healthcare professional where legal.
    This blog is not a substitute for medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or disease or to be used in place of physician's advice in any manner. 
    In the UK, hemp CBD products are currently legal to buy without a prescription as a wellness product. The FSA has recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women and those taking other medication should not take CBD without advice from their doctors.